Fang, Sheng-Ping
Courses:Psychology and Modern Life

Courses:Global Political Economy、The Interrelation between、 Universal Human Rights and the Development of Human Rights in TaiwanReligion and Politics in East Asia

Yen, Chen-Shen
Courses: American Politics、Current Events & English Communication

Chiu, Chi-Liang
Courses:The Design and Practice of Sundials

Chang, Shyang
Courses:Acupuncture and Modern Sciences、Chinese Herbology and Modern Sciences & Technologies

Chen, Swe-Kai
Courses:Chinese Herbology and Modern Sciences & Technologies

Chen, Chu-Shiang
Courses: Smart Engineering & Modern Science Engineering、Biomimetics and Modern Science and Engineering

Lai, Cheng-Chung
Courses: Having Fun with Economic History、Having Fun with History of Economic Thought

Chien, Shang-Jen
Courses: The Development Process of Taiwanese Songs、Taiwanese Folk Songs and Culture

Huang, Chung-Tien
Courses:Selected Readings of Changes

Associate Professor

Yao, Chia-Wen
Courses:Introduction to Intellectual Property

Chung, Chih-Ming
Courses:Introduction to the European Union

Perng, Wen-Ji
Courses:Appreciation of Music、Opera Appreciation

Yang, Mei-Li
Courses:History of Chinese Crafts and Decorative Arts、The Art and Science of Chinese Ceramics、Chinese Art and Archaeology

Lee, Cheng-Lung
Courses:Forensic Science and Crime Prevention、Crime Investigation Technology

Assistant Professor

Pai, Pei-Lin
Courses:Science in Daily Life

Chu, Chen-Yi
Courses:Exercise and Health、Introduction to exercise science

Chiu, Yung-Chung
Courses:The Art of Medias

Hung, Kuo-Hsiang
Courses:Music and Culture、History of Western Music

Chiu, Hsien-I
Courses:Critical Thinking

Yip, Bak-Sau
Courses:Introduction to Neuro Science

Tang, Tang-Fa
Courses:Element of Art、Oil Painting

Hsu, Ming-Chien
Courses:The Development of the Cross-Strait Relations and Policy

Chang, Chi-Shin
Courses:Foreign Relations of Republic of China, 1912-now、International Political and Economic Organizations under Global Governance: Extended Study on ROC’s

Kuo, Chia-Chen
Courses:Exploring Digital Performances and Practice、Technology and Digital Cultural Creativity

Lu, Pin-Fei
Courses:Gender Thinking

Yu, Ya-Wen
Courses:Political Economy and Culture in Southeast Asia

Teng, Hui-En

Courses:Taiwanese / Tâi-gí‧movie, drama and Literature

Zavidovskaia, Ekaterina
Courses:Russian History and Culture: Introductory Course

Tai, Dong-Yuan
Courses:Contemporary Scientific Civilization、Ethics of Science and Technology

Chao, Hui-Hsuan
Courses:Introduction to World Music

Shang, Ya-Ting
Courses:Non-government Organization Internships

Wang, Yue-Shiou
Courses:Selections from the Book of Odes、Reading Classics in Eastern Philosophy: the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch

Hsiang, I-Jou
Courses:Selections from the Poetry of Li Bai and Du Fu

Lin, Hung-An
Courses:Readings in the Wei and Jin Dynasties Literature

Hung, Ju-Wei
Courses:Selected Tzu of Su Shi & Shin Chih-jyi

Hsu, Chi-Ning
Courses:The selected readings of Lun Yu and Men Zu、The Philosophy of Life in Zhuangzi

Chang, Wan-Cheng
Courses:Selections from the Records of Grand Historian

Chen, Kun-Huang
Courses:The Introduction of Big Data

Chen, Po-Ling
Courses:Chinese Modern Poetry

Chen, Yen-Mei
Courses:Selections from the Book of Odes、Selective Readings for “The Chinese Mythology

Courses:Taiwanese Art and Local Culture

Cheng, Yi-Fan
Courses:Interesting physics from daily life to scientific fantasies

Lai, Chang-Xuan
Courses:The selected readings of Zhuang Zi、The selected readings of Men Zi

Hsieh, Ming-Hsien
Courses:Selections from the Tso Chuan

Chien, Sung-Hsing
Courses:Selection from the Book of Changes

Lo, Chih-Chung
Courses:Selections from the Three Kingdoms

Cheng, Hung-Tsu
Courses:Interdiscipline Viewpoint of Chinese Medicine

Hsu, Hung-Ta
Courses:Country Liability and Compensation

Chen, Ching-Fu
Courses:Selections from the Xunzi、The selected readings of Lun Yu and Men Zu

Pan, Wei
Courses:Science Encountered-Time, evolution, and Decisions

Jen, Hsiu-Ping
Courses:The Application of Life Chemistry: Living in a Poisoned Environment but being Unaware

Peng, Ching-Yi
Courses:Population Aging and Health Care

Lee, Ju-Chun
Courses:Selected Readings from Zizhi tongjian


Wu, Chien-Fu
Courses:Clay Work

Wu, Ya-Hui
Courses:Interpersonal Relationship & Communication

Lee, Ya-Huei
Courses:Interpersonal Relationship & Communication

Lee, Tsui-Hua
Courses:Self Exploration and Family of Origin

Lin, Hsin-Chih
Courses:Chinese Music Introduction
、Chinese Instrumental Music Appreciation

Chien, Li-Yi
Courses:Media Effects and Social Problems

Lin, Fu-Shan
Courses:Print Making
、Art Project

Lin, I-Chun
Courses:Write Some Notes for Music

Lin, Shyun-Kee
Courses:ON ARCHITECTURE, its cultural characters and social significances

Hung, Shu-Fang
Courses:Marketing Management
、Human Resource Management– fundamentals and Practice

Lien, Cheng-Hung
Courses:Design Drawing
、Painting Creation

Kuo, Meng-Kuan
Courses:Art and Esthetics Study
、Appreciation of Art Performing

Chen, Chien-Hui
Courses:Media and Society
、Media and Writing

Chen, Bo-Wei
Courses:The Making of Popular Music in Taiwan Social Movement

Chen, Hui-Ling
Courses:Self Exploration and Growth

Tseng, Hsing-I
Courses:Television Production

Yu, Hui-Chen
Courses:Appreciation of Taiwan Cinema、Appreciation of Fiction Cinema、Non-Feature Film Appreciation

Chin, Pang-Chung
Courses:The Theory and Practice of Consumer Protection Law

Liang, Kuai
Courses:Introduction to Mass Communication、Introduction to JournalismCorporate Cultures

Lai, Hsiao-Chiu
Courses:Organizing Art Exhibitions :Theory and Practices、Public Art

Ku, Yu-Ling
Courses:Border, Identity, and Transnational Migration

Hu, Chung-Wei
Courses:Learning the Rules of Taiwan’s Copyright Law

Wu, Han-Ching
Courses:Clay Work

Li, Ju-Ying
Courses:Traditional Chinese Medicine in Modern Life

Lin, Po-Jui
Courses:Sculpture、Introduction to Sculpture

Tsai, Hsing-Fen
Courses:Volunteer Medical Service

Yang, Ya-Ting
Courses:Love, Marriage and Family

Lai, Ming-Jhen
Courses:Love, Marriage and Family

An, Yuan-Liang
Courses:Staged Readings

Liao, Chen-Kai
Courses:Visual Storytelling

Shih, Chien-Yu
Courses:Central Asia: Politics and Society and Contested Powers