Curriculum structure

  Students must complete a minimum of 20 credits from both Core GE and Elective GE courses. Students are required to register four Core courses from at least three different dimensions out of the six. Required credits for Core GE courses are 8-12. For Elective GE courses, students can select from a pool of GE courses in three different areas. Required credits for Elective GE courses are 8-12. 

The six-dimension core curriculum 

  Three principles underlie the general education program: (i) basic knowledge of each domain and modes of thought, (ii)integration of cross-disciplinary knowledge, and (iii) issue-based or theme-driven orientation. Aligning with the principles, our Core GE courses encompass six dimensions: (1) ways of thinking, (2) exploration of life, (3) art appreciation, (4) social and cultural dynamics, (5) science, technology and society (STS), and (6) historical analysis. Students must complete four Core GE courses from at least three different dimensions out of the six listed below:

Guidelines for electives in advanced/multi-area coursework

The advanced / multi-area courses are divided into three major areas—humanities (arts; philosophy and religious studies; cultural and historical studies); social sciences (law and politics; sociology, psychology, anthropology, education, and gender studies; management, informatics, and economics); and natural sciences (basic science; applied science; science, technology, and society).  These courses are designed to make professional knowledge accessible, and to incorporate basic skills for modern life. 

The general education curriculum aims to provide a balanced areas of knowledge to students; therefore, students from different colleges and departments are required to take Elective GE courses from designated areas. Credit distribution for students in respective colleges and departments: 

Special regulations for course enrollment

1. Each student shall not take more than three general education courses in any given semester (including required Core GE courses).

2.  Written approval from both the course teacher and the GE office is needed if a student is going to register the 4thcourse in a given semester. After getting the approval, the student should then submit the form to “Division of Curriculum.”